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Floor Decor and Area Rug Trends for Fall 2022

Did you feel that dip in temperature? Autumn weather is on its way, which means chilly toes and nights spent curled up at home. A great way to bring more warmth into any space is with the transformative power of an area rug

Each year new trends rise and fall just as seasons change. This year, there are a few area rug trends that we believe will stand the test of time. Invest in a quality area rug this season and use these tips to be sure it will be in style for many years. 

Geometric shapes

Everywhere you look, geometric shapes are displayed in home decor. These bold and commanding patterns pair well with numerous design styles, including contemporary and mid-century or retro. Large geometric prints on area rugs will bring personality and focus to a space. In contrast, smaller patterns, such as herringbone, will provide dimension and structure while sharing the spotlight with other focal pieces. 

geometric shapes are a big area rug trend this year
Source: Jaipur

Bold and abstract patterns

Bold patterns and bold colours are back! Retro styles and designs add an artsy appearance to any room. These retro patterns are generally louder and not for the faint of heart. This look mixes geometric elements in a more attention-seeking way. Think of the black and white tile kitchen floor trend from the past. It’s that level of showstopping but in an area rug!

you can't miss these bold area rug pattern trends
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Nature-inspired looks

Nature-inspired design is a significant trend on the west coast of Canada. As far as we can see, this look never goes out of style. Adding elements to an area rug inspired by the natural world’s colours and textures is a great way to add warmth and serenity to any room. Area rugs inspired by things found in nature involve texture in the materials used or the colour combinations. The artful way these textures and colours mix together makes these area rugs great at uniting a design. If you have a variety of pieces with different colours or textures and are looking for a single item to pull them all together, nature-inspired area rugs are a great solution. 

2022 area rug trend alert: nature-inspired colours and design
Source: Jaipur

Modern antique-inspired designs

This look never goes out of style when paired with the right design aesthetic. Choosing a more classic Persian-inspired print will help things to feel more modern rather than dated. Add an element of sophistication and class to any room with an antique-inspired area rug.

If you’re looking for a more modern twist, there is a new approach to the classic antique look mixing modern colours with antique patterns. The blending of contemporary and antique brings new life into many of these looks.

You've likely seen this area rug trend: modern twists to antique patterns
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Monochromatic themes

A subtle monochromatic rug or a more neutral colour palette is a great way to create a feeling of calm sophistication. Monochrome area rugs tend to work better on darker flooring and are perfect for a home office!  Neutral shades or monochromatic styles are the right fit if you want to warm a space up without adding another statement piece. 

neutral tones are a big area rug trend in 2022
Source: Surya

Curious about how an area rug could add more visual depth to your home? Our experienced designers are here to help. Come into the showroom and see how certain area rug trends interact with various furniture pieces to see what works best in your home. Get in touch today so that we can help you create your dream home tomorrow.