transitional interior design

What is Transitional Interior Design?

For many homeowners, traditional interior design can feel rigid and stuffy and modern design, too streamlined and cold. That’s where transitional interior design comes in. Transitional design is all about flexibility in your home and solves both of these problems.

What is transitional interior design?

At its essence, transitional interior design is a mix of both traditional and modern interior design styles. 

One of the most sought-after interior design styles, it blends both worlds seamlessly. This method of interior decor allows for greater flexibility and comfort, tending to be warmer and more inviting while still feeling chic and clean. The best part is that transitional designs are often ageless and can stand the test of time. 

How do you accomplish the transitional interior design look?

Blending modern and traditional design styles isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s less like making lemonade and more like baking a cake — one wrong ingredient or piece of furniture and the entire room feels wrong. 

Choose the right colours.

Transitional interior design is all about comfort and softness. Opt for earthy and light colours that bring a relaxing atmosphere to your home. Think about light gray, soft greens, and earthy browns. 

Transitional Interior Design
Source: Bernhardt

Choose simplistic and functional accessories.

Transitional interior decor should be clean and functional like modern decor but with texture and pattern characteristic of traditional interior decor. Opt for practical pieces that tell a story and fit your lifestyle. You should seek out meaningful pieces with a purpose, such as area rugs, mirrors, and plants

Transitional Interior Design
Source: CR Laine

Layer your textures and tones

Unlike other interior design styles, where bright and vibrant colours provide character, transitional interior design uses textures and tones to create contrast. Textured fabrics and materials, such as suede and leather mixed with wood, glass, and copper, provide depth without overwhelming a space. 

Transitional Interior Design
Source: Fourhands

Opt for transitional furnishings

Transitional furnishings incorporate all of the above points, possessing the clean and classic shape of modern design styles with interesting and textured fabrics. Transitional furnishings play with the modern and contemporary style and traditional features of design.

Transitional Interior Design
Source Younger +Co 

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