wall art for the home

Choosing The Right Wall Art For Your Home

Art is a crucial aspect of good interior design and decor. There are so many options available that it can become overwhelming. Choosing unsuitable wall art for your home can make the entire space feel at odds. Finding the right wall art means finding something visually interesting that doesn’t blend with your overall design style and disappear. 

Consider the size.

Size is a big part of choosing art. The rule isn’t to choose big art pieces for big spaces and small pieces for smaller rooms, but the size of the room is important to consider. It’ll feel uncomfortable when art is too small as if something’s missing. Similarly, large paintings in small spaces can feel crowded and overwhelming. 

Your wall art should take up 50-75% of the available wall space. Play with groupings if you have a large blank wall and don’t want to find a single large piece. If you’re using sculpture and larger shelving units, these take up wall space and need to be considered. 

What colours are already in the room?

The easiest way to link wall art with the overall look of a space is to find colours within the art that are in your colour scheme. Art is a great way to pull out subtle colours in the fabric. If your space has neutral colours and shades and a few subtle colours within the materials that are barely noticeable, finding art with a more prominent version of this colour will help pull the colour out and create a feeling of cohesion. 

Knowing what colours you use in your design can help narrow your search for good wall art. If you can find paint samples that match the tones, use these when shopping for art to see how the colours work together. 

Find the right pairing for the room style. 

Not all art is a good fit for your design style. Each design style has unique aspects, colours, shapes, and textures that may not work with the kind of art you like. Consider how the art adds to the style of the room. For example, tapestries, geometric shapes, canvas paintings, soft photographs, or baskets are excellent wall art choices for a more bohemian aesthetic. Similarly, black and white pictures and soothing abstract paintings pair well with the beach-inspired design style. 

Art doesn’t need to be the same style as the room’s interior design. Is your home a mid-century aesthetic? Vintage art or 50’s themed pieces can be a great partnership. Pairing mid-century furniture and decor with contemporary art can make a space feel more refined. 

What’s the purpose of the room?

The room’s purpose is something you should consider when choosing art. The art you choose for a bathroom differs from the art you would choose for your kitchen. The room also dictates how much art you’re going to want to choose and the size. A lot of colourful art in a bedroom can make it feel too lively — which doesn’t lend itself well to soothing sleep. Bathrooms also often look better with a few stacked pieces of art rather than a large painting simply due to the smaller space. Living room art should be interactive and engaging as it’s where you entertain the most and can give new guests something to talk about. These same thoughts apply to a dining room.

Have fun with it!

Ultimately, art should be fun. Wall art is a great way to display your taste and personality in your home. Don’t let the overwhelming amount of choices make shopping for wall art a drag. These tips can help you narrow your search and free yourself up for having fun. It’s often a good idea to choose wall art in the beginning and focus your furniture around the colours in the piece, or at the very end when you know how much wall space you have to play with. 

If you’re having a hard time finding the right art for your home, our team of interior designers can help. Find art that works for your home and design style while still being a conversation starter in your home rather than a wallflower. Come into the showroom today and see some of our stunning pieces on display.