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How To Achieve Desert-Inspired Interior Decor

The desert-inspired look is a significant trend in interior design right now. The warm colours, natural textures, delicate patterns, and relaxed silhouettes make this style ideal for a soothing home. Are you curious about how to bring the desert into your home?

We have the best tips for accomplishing the desert-inspired interior design trend

Use touches of leather.

Leather is a significant part of desert-inspired decor. The buttery and soft texture of leather is reminiscent of the southwest landscapes of old western movies. Leather touches will have you dreaming of sandy hills, starry skies, and rolling tumbleweeds. An earthy-toned leather sofa or more minor touches, such as throw pillows, are a great way to bring the desert in without feeling dehydrated of style. 

Feature warm browns and oranges.

Desert-inspired homes often showcase elegant colours like terracotta, tan, deep green, sage, and the subtle pinks of a warm sunset. These colours pair well with eachother because of the inspiration drawn from natural roots. The desert-inspired colour palette also has the bonus of making a space feel warmer. Look for ways to bring in a few desert-inspired colours for a relaxing atmosphere.

Strategically place plants.

We love adding mother nature into our home decor! However, in this case, adding a large tropical plant or crawling vines in this design aesthetic may feel out of place. Luckily deserts are not void of plant life. Desert environments often feature low-maintenance plants, which means you can relax knowing you don’t have to worry about forgetting to water for a few days. Some of the best choices will be succulents, air plants, grasses, cacti, and snake plants.

Add a patterned area rug.

Add a patterned area rug to make your desert-inspired decor feel intentional and modern. Choose an area rug with a geometric design that matches the desert aesthetic and colour palette, or use this opportunity to add that touch of leather we mentioned. An area rug will help make the space feel warm and create the feeling of an oasis within the desert.

Seek out natural elements and shapes.

Truly making a space reflect a specific design style means considering the art and decor. Desert-inspired design often features grasses, terracotta pots, stone vases, baskets, brass and gold finishing, and paintings in desert-inspired colours. Don’t try and mix all of these materials. Instead, choose two or three to create a feeling of cohesion.

Add in wood furniture.

The desert-inspired decor trend relies heavily on wood. However, wood furniture used in desert-inspired home decor is often lighter rather than the dark stain seen in cabin-inspired decor. The plus side is that the white-washed wooden coffee table used in a beach house can quickly become a part of a desert-inspired space. Similarly, the light pine bookcase, which paired so well with your mid-century modern office, will blend perfectly with a desert-inspired design. 

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