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How to Make Your Home More Efficient & Organized Without Sacrificing Style

September is the season of “back to reality.” This season could mean returning to school, work, or just the season of shorter days. As our days grow a little shorter and darker and schedules are full of work, school, and extracurricular activities, being organized is the key to successfully getting things done.

Unfortunately, when we think of organization, we often think of colour-coded schedule boards, paper trays for mail, gym bags hanging in the entranceway, and other organizing tools that ultimately become eyesores.  If you want your home to run efficiently, you don’t need to sacrifice style to succeed. Here are our top methods for organizing your life while keeping your home stylish.

1. Functional Furniture

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One of the best ways to stay organized and avoid clutter is to be intentional with your furniture. Optimize your home by looking for furniture that offers sleek and stylish storage. Some sectional sofas have built-in storage for extra bedding, games, and kids’ toys. Another great option is using dining room storage solutions in an entryway for the cupboard space. 

Ultimately, what you’re trying to achieve is good flow in your home. Your home office space will quickly become the most cluttered this time of year. If clutter starts to obstruct the sightlines and surfaces in your home, your mind will begin to feel cluttered as well, and that’s when things fall through the cracks and stress creeps in. How much storage does your desk offer while still looking professional and productive? Consider how your accessories could double as storage solutions or organizational tools as well as stylish finishes to any room.

2. Schedule, schedule, schedule

Find a cupboard and use the inside of the door! We’ve all been to that organized soccer mom’s house or seen it in a movie. You know the one, there’s a colour-coded flow chart for each member of the family’s schedule and cleaning responsibilities. However, you don’t need to have these calendars and cork boards out for the world to see. Get into the habit of using the inside of doors to hide your schedule from your guests — but don’t do away with a well-organized schedule altogether. 

3. Creative and Stylish storage

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A well-organized hallway closet with built-in cubbies means you can keep your gym and work bags separate and ready to go. If your home is limited on storage, there are numerous solutions available to you. Instead of a bedside table, why not use two bookshelves to capitalize on that real estate? Optimize the storage space you have, such as under sinks, by using shelves and hooks to keep the clutter off the tables and floors. 

You can also make storage stylish. Consider attaching baskets to the wall for kids’ backpacks. There are many creative storage solutions on Pinterest to get you started, or our designers can help you find a functional and fabulous solution to keep you on track this season and for many years to come.

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