Comfortable design

5 Ways to Turn Your Home From Livable to Luxuriously Comfortable

We talk a lot about what LOOKS good in interior design. For example: how to pair patterns, add in nature, or use metals like brass. An essential thing to consider when decorating your home, in addition to how it looks, is how it feels — or COMFORT. Comfortable design is more than just a fluffy pillow and a warm blanket.

In interior design and interior decor, it takes a little more to bring chic and comfort together. Here are our top recommendations.

1. Consider colours.

Colours can either create a soothing environment or leave you with a headache. Research has been done on what colours soothe us and create a comfortable environment. Blue has also been definitively proven to relax us faster than any other colour.  

When trying to create cohesive and comfortable decor, look for complementary natural colours that make you “feel” relaxed and comfortable. Generally speaking, soft colours like pale yellow, grey, blue, and off-white tend to have the most relaxing effects. 

Source: CR Laine

2. Think minimal but not sparse. 

There’s a happy place between clutter and sterile. You want your home to feel lived in and cozy without feeling overwhelmed by too many decorative elements or pillows. Find that middle ground.

How minimal your interior decor is will largely depend on your design style. For example, a more modern interior design will lean towards the minimalistic side. In contrast, a vintage or Victorian-era aesthetic will incorporate more antiques and decorative elements. 

Source: Four Hands

3. Find the “just right” lighting.

Have you ever been in a restaurant around dinnertime when they suddenly turn the lights lower? How bright or dark a room is can be a significant factor in how comfortable it is. A space that’s too dark can make it difficult to socialize, read your book, or simply stay awake. On the other hand, one that’s too bright can be overly stimulating and feel aggressive. Choose soft lighting that you can adjust or incorporate a few table lamps to provide flexibility.

Comfortable design ideas
Source: CR Laine

4. Fabric is everything.

Ok, we know we said comfortable design and decor wasn’t all about pillows and blankets, but this is a significant factor. If your sofa is hard, uncomfortable, and scratchy, your entire living room won’t be very cozy.

Choosing fabrics that provide a soothing colour and pattern is essential for comfort when considering the visual element. Likewise, for a more physical comfort, try selecting materials that are pleasant to the touch.

Comfortable design ideas
Source: Decor Rest

5. Add an area rug.

One of the fastest and best ways to add character and comfort to any room is to add an area rug. This can add extra warmth to the space as well as muffling sound. Area rugs also make a room look more comfortable and warm. 

Comfortable design ideas
Source: Trica

No one wants to come home to a house that feels stiff and starchy. It’s essential to keep comfortable design in mind when you’re turning a house into a home. How comfortable does your home feel? If you’re feeling a little out of place in your space, our team of interior designers can help. Come into our new showroom today at 564 Yates Street in downtown Victoria or get in touch via email. We want to help you create the comfortable oasis of your dreams.