Everything You Need to Know About Headboards

When you purchase a bed, there is one very crucial thing you focus on: the comfort of the mattress. You spend a lot of time here, and you should have a comfortable and restful sleep. However, when we consider the look of the entire bedroom, not just the bed’s functionality, we have to consider many things. One such key feature of a bedroom is the right headboard.

You may be wondering: Do I even need a headboard? Of course, you don’t HAVE TO HAVE one, but we recommend it for a few reasons. According to Feng Shui, headboards provide a strong foundation for a relationship and give a feeling of support and protection while we sleep. They also add depth and levels to a bedroom that create better flow and function within a space from a design perspective.

When choosing a headboard, you should consider these four things:

1. Headboard Size and Shape

Source: Bernhardt

Your headboard needs to match the size of your bed as well as your bedroom. Having one that’s larger or smaller than the bed itself will look out of place and create a feeling of discomfort and carelessness. Similarly, if the shape doesn’t mesh well with the rest of the space, the entire room will feel at odds with itself. A room with more angular furniture may not pair well with a rounded wicker headboard, for example.

2. Material

Source: Bernhardt

The material a headboard is made of is specific to your design style and needs. A wooden headboard will provide warmth and a cabin-like feeling, whereas one that’s upholstered is perfect for a family with young children who may be jumping on the bed. Consider your lifestyle as well as the aesthetic you’re trying to accomplish. An iron headboard will provide a more aged appearance; an upholstered one will be more modern.

3. Texture and Colour

Source: Trica Furniture

No matter what, the main thing that will draw your attention first in a bedroom is the bed, and the headboard is a significant aspect of this. It’s essential to choose materials that complement the overall room and your design style. Consider texture and colour and how it will work with your interior decor choices and palette.

4. Headboard Functionality

Source: Trica

Do you want something simple and clean? Or are you limited on space and hoping your headboard can double as storage? A headboard is a creative way to replace a nightstand if you’re trying to simplify and keep as much floor space as possible. What do you need out of yours? Make a list before you start shopping.

In theory, choosing a headboard seems simple. However, when you start considering the overall interior decor of your bedroom, sometimes it can be impossible to find the right fit. Our team of experienced design experts can help. If you don’t see the right complement to your bed with our numerous suppliers, we can help you design the perfect one, thanks to our complimentary design process. Get in touch today and come into the showroom at 564 Yates Street in Downtown Victoria.